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Welcome to Parks Dahlias, my name is Christy Parks. I own and operate the dahlia gardens in Azalea, Oregon. I have been growing dahlias for over 20 years and have been a commercial grower for about the same. Our gardens are licensed and inspected by the State Department of Agriculture.

I got the the dahlia bug by watching and helping my grandmother grow dahlias at her beautiful gardens in Portland, Oregon. After growing dahlias in my own yard I made the decision to join a local dahlia society and show my dahlias at dahlia shows. It did not take long before I was taking classes and became a dahlia judge. I judge 3 to 4 shows a year. I belong to the American Dahlia Society- which oversees everything to do with dahlias and the Pacific Northwest Dahlia Conference - which is a branch of the ADS for the states in the Pacific Northwest. I also belong to several local dahlias societies. We grow over 400 varieties of dahlias for both show and garden. We also have a large cut flower business with local florist and public.

Our gardens are open to the public during the growing season until frost. I would like to thank all of people who came out and visited this year and for your business. We hope to continue to grow and supply you with top quality dahlias for your garden.

Thank you, Christy Parks

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